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CRAFT FAST! – Hand Towel

Every Christmas my Husbands Grandma likes to make our presents. Last year she gave me this beautiful embroidered Christmas towel that hangs on the stove bar. So one day when I was browsing through Pinterest Crafts, I came across this quick craft. I thought, this would be perfect for House Warming Gifts and Craft Fairs!… Continue reading CRAFT FAST! – Hand Towel

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I will find Peace this Christmas

The holidays... they tend to bring out the best and the not so great things in our lives. Given the bad you’re dealing with or about to deal with, do you choose to take the high road? Do you choose to poke the bear... aggressively, bring the word slap because karma is a little behind… Continue reading I will find Peace this Christmas

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CRAFT FAST – Lazy Girls Guide: Fall Decor

I think Holiday decorations are something kids really enjoy and are part of childhood and growing up. It's something kids get excited about, or at least I know I did. Although Holiday decorations are not my forte, I am trying to get better at it. Especially now that I have my son. "Thankful" Garland Target… Continue reading CRAFT FAST – Lazy Girls Guide: Fall Decor