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Jack-O-Lantern Crafted Design

Halloween season is just around the corner. As I started searching for the prefect, adorable Halloween Costume for my son, I got distracted with then idea of all the cure Halloween decorations and treat covers I could make if I just had a super cure jack-o-lantern SVG design. Super cute jack-o-lantern faces, perfect to put… Continue reading Jack-O-Lantern Crafted Design


Must Haves when traveling with Baby (0-12 Months)

THE MUST HAVE ITEMS iPad + Child proof case Nook (x5) Pre-measured formula (x2) Thermos with Warm water (or water bottle) Food: baby food packets are nice. Mine only eats them from a spoon so that makes it a little more challenging. Bib Teether Diaper Bag (diapers, wipes, sanitizing wipes, toys...etc.) Favorite blanket The reason… Continue reading Must Haves when traveling with Baby (0-12 Months)