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Safety: The New Carseat Dilema

My son is 5 months old today, weighing 13 lbs 7oz and is 25″ long. We currently are using a Graco Snugride car seat. Our daycare provider brought it to our attention that the head pads (that are not removable, unfortunately) are touching his shoulders and “his face looks squished”.

So starts the new car seat hunt. What are the current sales? Online? In-Store? How can I stack as many discounts as possible to get the best deal possible, while still getting a car seat that satisfies my new mommy mindset?

I found the car seat that I wanted. Of course, it’s expensive, but more money means safer right? How do you know? A friend of mine spent $20 on a new car seat and was ecstatic at the deal he got. When I looked into it, the car seat was NOT on sale. $20 was the regular price and honestly, that makes me nervous.

Much like the helmets motocross riders wear to keep them safe, I feel like car seats are very similar. Both consist of the same materials, foam for cushion, plastic that encases the foam and straps to keep everything in place. I was once told back in my dirtbiking days, “You spend as much money on a motocross helmet as you think your brain is worth.”

If I was to apply that logic to my child, then I would buy the most expensive car seat known to man because of course my son is now the most precious gem in my life.

First, I looked online at Target and Walmart to see what car seats are available and I was happy to find that some were currently on sale. This initial inquiry helped me decide that a convertible car seat that will grow with my child would be the right choice for my family and hopefully for my pocket as well. Fingers crossed, I wont have to buy another carseat after this.

I then checked the site and if you subscribe to their emails, they will give you a 20% coupon. I was thinking that, plus the 20% off they were advertising on the site and Ebates providing 2% cash back, that I found the best deal. So I added two of the 4EVER convertible car seats to my cart, but GracoBaby knew better and wouldn’t let me double up on coupon codes. A classic case of, I give you 2 cookies, but you can only eat one. So I would’ve had to settle for 20% off a regular price convertible car seat and 2% cash back with Ebates.

I wasn’t convinced that was the best deal so I doubled back to the drawing board, Target vs Walmart. Both had the same carseat I wanted, for the same sale price. Both also had Ebates ready to be activated, with 1% cash back. Ultimately I decided to go with Target since I am a proud owner of the classic Target Red Card. So Target had one more added discount that Walmart did not provide.

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by or affiliated with any of the companies list above.

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